• Volunteering in the Language Space

    Audiopedia would be nothing without its volunteers. We would like to introduce you to some of them with our "Volunteer Stories". This one is about Lucy from Nigeria. As an indigenous language activist she has actively participated in series of projects and campaigns that promote and create visibility for African-related contents, enhanced African-related articles, created Wikidata items and promoted visibility for African Scholars on the online encyclopedia.

  • Ella.fm: Audiopedia's Vision for Amplifying Women's Voices in Latin America

    In the spirit of innovation and commitment to empowering marginalized communities, Audiopedia is proud to introduce Ella.fm – a beacon of knowledge and empowerment, set to launch in Latin America in 2024. At the heart of Audiopedia’s mission is the pursuit of educational equity, and Ella.fm is our latest step in making this a reality for women and girls across diverse cultural landscapes.

  • Beyond the Classroom: Confronting the Silent Crisis in Women's Literacy

    An article from The Economist casts a stark light on an educational paradox: more girls are in school, yet literacy remains elusive in many developing regions. This contradiction exposes the reality that higher enrollment does not guarantee quality learning, signaling a systemic failure in education. As we confront these truths, it's clear that mere gradual improvements cannot rectify the widespread shortfall in women's literacy.

  • AI for the Last Mile: Audiopedia's Vision for Community-Driven Change

    At the Audiopedia Foundation, we believe in a visionary future where artificial intelligence (AI) is not just an advancement of the few but a shared treasure for the many. Our ambition is grand: to pioneer the integration of AI into the fabric of every community, especially those at the last mile.

  • Elevating Community Engagement in Pakistan with Audiopedia

    We're delighted to delve into the Audiopedia App, a key component of our collaboration with the GIZ’s FATA Development Programme. This initiative has been operational for a while, focusing on fortifying local governance and fostering community participation in the Merged Areas of Pakistan.

  • Audiopedia Recognized as a Game-Changing Solution for SDG5 by the UN's SDG Digital Acceleration Agenda

    We're thrilled to announce some incredible news—Audiopedia has been recognized by the United Nations' SDG Digital Acceleration Agenda as a game-changing solution in the quest for gender equality, Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5). This is an exciting milestone that confirms the transformative impact of our work, as well as a global endorsement of the importance of digital solutions in accelerating progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Audiopedia at the UN: Shining a Light on Gender Equality in the Digital Era

    The illustrious corridors of the United Nations in New York City recently resonated with the voices of change, innovation, and hope. Among these voices, Audiopedia's stood out prominently. We were at the UN SDG Digital event, not just as attendees, but as ambassadors for Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality. A recognition that underscores the importance and impact of our mission.

  • Audiopedia Takes Center Stage at SDG Digital Day

    We stand at the critical halfway point of the 2030 Agenda, with the world rallying to bring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to fruition. The importance of this collective vision is paramount, yet we find ourselves in a scenario where only a fraction of these goals is on track. Recognizing the urgency and the role digital transformation can play, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are set to usher in a renewed sense of purpose with the SDG Digital Day on September 17.

  • Harnessing the Power of Digital Audio for Indigenous Health Education: A Deep Dive into the CARPHA Audiopedia Workshop in Belize

    Last week marked a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize access to health knowledge. Hosted by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), we led a dynamic workshop in Belize. The purpose was to bring together individuals from various facets of society, specifically those with direct influence in indigenous communities. Our participants were representatives from indigenous community organizations, individuals from indigenous community radio stations, and delegates from the Belizean Ministry of Health.