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"Wikipedia for the Forgotten"—Audiopedia Earns United Nations Endorsement for Tackling Gender Inequality

A Revolutionary Audio Platform Targeting the 'Silent Billion' Women and Girls Earns Global Recognition


ANNWEILER, Germany, Oct 5 2023 — In a major endorsement from the United Nations, Audiopedia is being recognized for its groundbreaking approach to closing the gender digital divide. This audio platform aims to bring essential information to women and girls who either cannot read or lack internet access. Its inclusion in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Digital Acceleration Agenda by the UN marks a landmark validation of its mission.

The Audiopedia Difference: More Than Just an Info Hub

While Wikipedia and other digital platforms serve millions, they miss the mark for those who are illiterate or don't have internet access. Audiopedia fills this gap with easily accessible audio content on vital topics such as health, legal rights, and financial literacy. "We're dedicated to making knowledge universally accessible, focusing especially on the often-ignored women and girls worldwide," says Felicitas Heyne, executive director and co-founder of Audiopedia.

The Urgency of Speaking to the 'Silent Billion'

The term "Silent Billion" underscores the vast number of women and girls who are deprived of critical knowledge due to illiteracy, absence of internet access, or societal barriers. Audiopedia meets this need by offering content in local languages, tailored for these marginalized populations.

To grasp the significance of Audiopedia’s work, consider the experience of Naila, a beneficiary in Pakistan: "Before Audiopedia, our daily challenges often went unacknowledged. Audiopedia has been more than an information source; it's a lifeline. It sheds light on the stresses we encounter daily and encourages me to share this essential wisdom. It's a beacon of light, easing burdens in a world that too frequently overlooks women like me."

Why Audiopedia Caught the UN's Eye

The UN's Digital Acceleration Agenda is committed to leveraging technology to solve some of humanity's most urgent problems. Audiopedia's unique, scalable approach has earned it a place in this initiative, underscoring the platform’s global relevance and potential for impact.

Simple Yet Effective: The Tech Behind Audiopedia

In a world inundated with complex technologies, Audiopedia stands out for its simplicity. Its straightforward audio formats ensure that even the most remote or under-resourced areas can access invaluable knowledge, compatible with various devices including those that are solar-powered.

A Locally-Led, Holistic Strategy

As the world faces escalating challenges like COVID-19 and climate change, the dissemination of knowledge has never been more vital. Audiopedia takes a holistic approach by collaborating with local stakeholders for capacity-building and upskilling, resulting in not just an information platform but a robust ecosystem for community empowerment.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Audiopedia is more than a service; it's a movement committed to sustainable change. We invite you to explore our website, consider becoming a local partner, or make a donation to help unlock knowledge for everyone, everywhere.

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About Audiopedia Foundation

The Audiopedia Foundation is committed to democratizing knowledge by providing essential, easily accessible information to marginalized women and girls around the world. Founded in 2016 and based in Annweiler, Germany, the organization has a global footprint. Audiopedia has recently been selected for inclusion in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Digital Acceleration Agenda, highlighting its worldwide relevance and impact.


About the SDG Digital Acceleration Agenda

The SDG Digital Acceleration Agenda is an initiative by the United Nations aiming to leverage digital technologies to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. They focus on fostering innovative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges humanity faces today.


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