Bringing Health Education to 3840 rural women in Tanzania

Bringing Health Education to 3840 rural women in Tanzania

Our project in Tanzania is developing very nicely. Our local partner New Dawn Development is proceeding with the distribution of 500 MP3forLife Players to almost 4000 rural women. We are receiving very positive feedback from women and government officials.


During our visit to Tanzania beginning of September 2016, we identified 4 remote areas we would like to start working on: Kisarawe, Mkuranga, Kibaha and Bagamoyo. We chose Tanzania for a start, because despite impressive growth in its gross domestic product (GDP) over the past two decades, Tanzania remains one of the world's poorest countries in terms of per capita income. The Human Development Report 2015 Of the United Nations puts the country in the low human development category, positioning it at 151 out of 188 countries and territories. 21.5 % of the population lives near poverty, 32.1 % in severe poverty, 43.5 % below income poverty line. As in all other developing countries, child mortality is very high, as well as adolescent birth rates and maternal death rates.

Women in the districts we chose belong to the poorest of the poor, and most of them never have attended school at all. Distances to schools are long, roads are non-existent or hard to travel, public transport is not available. And if at all, families send their sons to school, not their daughters. At the same time, lack of health care and other social services makes rural women and their children especially vulnerable to health problems. There is no electricity in most of these remote areas, nor clean water or sanitation. Houses are either clay huts, shanties, or made up from plastic foil wrapped around some stakes. You do not need a lot of fantasy to imagine the effects on hygiene and health.

You can help us to finance the future of this project in Tanzania! We found a local partner ready to support us in the distribution of the players in the last mile. We will also ensure detailed monitoring and documentation of every step as well as a careful evaluation of the results and feedbacks from the rural women. We will provide detailed reporting to the Tanzanian Government and try to get their support for more similar projects. Our dream is to change the life of millions! Whether it will come true, depends on you.

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