Become a Volunteer Translator for Audiopedia

Become a Volunteer Translator for Audiopedia

This is the first time ever, that we can achieve to deliver essential knowledge to every rural woman on this planet. No matter what language she speaks or if she can read or write. This is made possible by technology - and by your valuable contribution as a volunteer translator. With your help we can translate basic health knowledge and life skills into languages they have never been translated before. And we can help rural women to live a healthier and happier life.

More than 12.000 volunteer translators  and proofreaders are currently translating Audiopedia contents into +150 languages. Once the contents have been translated and proofread, they will be published on our web page The contents will then be recorded and become available in our apps and for free download. Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) and Community-Bases Organizations (CBOs) will be available to use those contents in their community outreach.

We are using Crowdin, an advanced collaborative translation platform for the translation and proofreading of Audiopedia. Click here to get an idea about how the translation process work:

It is totally free to participate in the Audiopedia translation project. And we offer a Certificate of Appreciation for your efforts!

Even if you're not interested in translating you can play an important role as an Audiopedia eVolunteer.

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