The Audiopedia Manifesto

We Believe:

  • Knowledge has the power to transform lives.
  • Every woman has an inherent right to accessible, empowering education in her mother language.
  • Illiteracy and inaccessibility are barriers that can and must be dismantled.
  • Learning should not be confined to classrooms or limited by geography.

Our Revolution:

  • We revolutionize learning with digital audio, designed for simplicity and use on the most common tool in the world: the mobile phone.
  • Through Audiopedia Access Points, we make this wealth of information readily accessible, bypassing traditional barriers with innovation.
  • We turn any space — a village wall, a city billboard, a tree in a remote area — into a classroom without borders.

Our Vision:

  • Together, we can create a world where women from all walks of life have the knowledge they need to thrive.
  • A world where knowledge is free, education is everywhere, and the potential for growth is unlimited.

Join Us:

  • Sign this manifesto and become a torchbearer in the knowledge revolution.
  • Be a ChangeMaker, be a beacon, be the revolution.

Together, We Are Audiopedia. We are the bearers of progress, the champions of the right to learn, and the architects of a future where knowledge knows no bounds.

445 signed so far. Help us get to 20000!

Will you sign?