Volunteer Stories: Victoria from the United States

Volunteer Stories: Victoria from the United States

Audiopedia would be nothing without its volunteers. We would like to introduce you to some of them with our "Volunteer Stories". This one is about Victoria from the United States.

She is an undergraduate student from Duke University and joined us as a remote volunteer during the "COVID-19 summer". Her work with us was part of DukeEngage’s U.S.-based and international immersion programs, which place students in communities worldwide for a minimum of eight weeks.

"My Duke Engage summer project is nearing its end… this week will be my last week working with Audiopedia.

Although this summer has been vastly different from what I had planned, I can say that working with Audiopedia has been incredibly enjoyable. I’ve learned so much, from improving my translation skills, to increasing my confidence in the workplace, and even learning how to handle working from home. More importantly, though, I’ve gained a passion for women’s empowerment. Every woman, in every country, city, and town around the world, deserves equal access to knowledge and opportunities. I’m grateful that this summer I was able to put action behind my words. I’m no longer saying I’m a feminist; I’m taking actions to prove it. I know this is a passion I will keep, following my time at Audiopedia.

While I won’t have the same day-to-day engagement with women’s empowerment as I did this summer, I will carry what I’ve learned with me every day. Even without a formal program, I plan to continue reading articles, listening to podcasts, and checking Audiopedia’s blog to stay updated. Providing knowledge is at the core of this organization, and I want to take advantage of the resources I have at my disposal to educate myself and share what I’ve learned with others.

Of course, this is easier said than done. With classes starting soon, reunions with friends, and the “new normal” of the fall semester, it will be easy for me to brush this off to the side. However, if there’s anything that I’ve learned this summer, it’s that knowledge is power. For that reason, I am making the commitment to read/watch/listen to one educational resource per week.

“Just one?” you might ask. Well, yes. The way I see it, one resource per week means 52 resources per year. In just five years, that will amount to 260 resources! My hope is that this seemingly small, yet measurable, goal will be sustainable for me. I won’t lose interest; I won’t feel overwhelmed, and I’ll continue to do it.

I also hope to use this goal to gain deeper knowledge about other important issues. After all, women’s empowerment is an intersectional topic. I want to research mass incarceration, health disparities, fast fashion, environmental racism, and more. With this knowledge, I want to engage in productive conversations with others and become a more informed voter and citizen.

I’m grateful for this experience giving me the desire and appreciation for knowledge. I now know that knowledge is a gift, and it’s one I’ll cherish as I finish my degree and beyond. Years from now, when I look back at my “COVID-19 summer,” I will definitely remember Marcel, Felicitas, and Audiopedia with a smile."