Supporting Audiopedia on your Campus

Supporting Audiopedia on your Campus

Audiopedia’s goal is to provide vital health knowledge to women in rural areas around the world, but we can’t do it alone. With your help, we can increase awareness around women’s empowerment, health literacy, and gender equality. You can help generate a global change!

Here are a few ways you can create a ripple effect in your own community:

Share! Share! Share!

The more people know about women’s empowerment and Audiopedia, the closer we are to building a world where women not only have access to health knowledge but can also become agents of change in their communities. By simply increasing awareness about the necessity of this cause, we begin this path towards change.

  • Share Audiopedia’s blog to friends, neighbors, family members, and classmates.
  • Encourage others to sign Audiopedia’s petition to provide all women with immediate and free access to knowledge and information.
  • Inform your local or school newspaper about Audiopedia and why women’s empowerment is important. Perhaps they can write an article featuring the project. Better yet, you can submit your own article and share why Audiopedia is important to you!
  • Use your social media platform. During this technology age, it’s never been easier to spread information to a large number of people. Create your own post or share one of Audiopedia’s. Your post can reach thousands of people when you share online – anyone from your grandma to your middle-school best friend.
  • Even sparking a conversation can create change – talk about women’s rights and empowerment at work, in class, or at dinner.


Apart from spreading awareness, fundraising is a way to directly support Audiopedia and its efforts towards women’s empowerment. Fundraisers big and small can help make a difference in the life of a woman.

Fundraisers can take on many forms – choose one that is interesting to you! If you’re an event-planner, you could organize a 5K charity run or a bake sale. And if you’re a social media guru, you can use Facebook fundraising or post an Instagram fundraising bingo board. You could even have a birthday fundraiser in lieu of gifts.

Use your talent!

We all have unique talents and can use them to creatively support Audiopedia. Finding a way to engage that is fun for you will make the experience that much more enjoyable. If you’re a people-person, you can pass out flyers about Audiopedia around campus and encourage others to help. If you’re a budding artist, create and sell new art pieces and donate the proceeds. If you’re good at designing, create infographics about women’s empowerment that can be shared online. Your creativity is limitless!

While changing the world seems like a daunting task, your actions can truly make a difference. In fact, thinking globally and acting locally is one of the best ways to create change in your own community. With passion and dedication, any way you choose to support Audiopedia will help women around the world. Together, we can help millions!

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