Sunking Boom and Audiopedia - Let There be Light and Knowledge

Sunking Boom and Audiopedia - Let There be Light and Knowledge

Our Audiopedia Cloud opens up an infinity of possibilities to empower illiterate rural women using MP3 audio. The Sun King Boom portable solar lantern is a great device to use in combination with our contents since it features a nifty MP3 player.

The portable LED lamp comes with an with inbuilt radio and MP3 player, a solar panel with 5 meter cord, a multi-use stand and a charging kit with USB cable and phone adapters. The Boom can be used in a variety of ways: from being handheld to being mounted on walls. The 360-degree tilt allows you to have light where you need it when you need it.

The device is great to provide our Audiopedia contents even to larger groups. It has a powerful 3W (85 – 90 db/W) in-built speaker and plays MP3 files either from SD card/TF card or from a USB stick. What is great about the Sun King Boom is that it allows you to select MP3 tracks using the numeric keyboard on the device. This allows the user to directly navigate to specific topics or questions that we cover on +400 MP3 audio files.

Sunking Boom

Another great feature is the large indicator. It displays charge effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 5 to help optimize the solar panel placement. A battery charge indicator is also included. The built-in LFP battery is supposed to last much longer than comparable Li Ion on NiMH batteries. Active battery management automatically switches to low power when battery is running low, giving  the user 5 hours of additional light.

We really love the overall design of the Sun King Boom. It's rugged yet attractive. And the multi-use stand is really well thought out. In conclusion this is a fantastic product to be used in combination with our contents to empower women and girls. 

Another strong point is the availability of the Sun King Boom. Sun King products are present in more than 50 countries worldwide. Want to know more? Check out the web site of Greenlight Planet, the manufacturers of the Sun King Boom. Greenlight Planet is a for-profit social business that designs, distributes, and finances solar home energy with an under-served population in mind.