The Making of "Musele - The Diarrhea Song"

The Making of

"Musele - The Diarrhea Song" was recorded by French anthropologist Romain Duda as part of a project that is lead by the Order of Malta France with the goal to improve the health status of the Aka.


The song starts with the following line: "We are Bambenzele (Aka) from Minganga and Komo. My name is Lokombe Michel and now we're going to play our music to talk about diarrheal disease problems, because it's something that you need to avoid at all costs." It goes on with advice on how to prevent diarrhea ("You have to wash your hands. Drink clean, clear water.") and recommends local medicinal plants like stool wood (alstonia congensis) for treatment. The songs are performed and recorded in the field and later distributed together with additional information on our solar-powered URIDU MP3 players. 

Check out the Making-of video below!