In the Media: TASS (Russia)

In the Media: TASS (Russia)

TASS is the largest Russian news agency and one of the largest news agencies worldwide, along with Reuters, the Associated Press (AP) and Agence France-Presse (AFP). They published an article about us as part of their Plus One project. +1 (Plus One) is a communication project that talks about leadership practices in the field of social and environmental responsibility.

Plus One is creating a platform for direct communication and exchange of resources between business, non-profit organizations, the state and society.

Here is a rough translation into English:

Solar-powered encyclopedias for women in Tanzania

Education for women in developing countries tackles poverty and child mortality

German social venture URIDU and Tanzania’s Ministry of Health are using a solar-powered MP3 player to educate illiterate women in rural areas, The Next Web reports.

"Every six seconds a child dies in the world under the age of five. Most of these deaths are easily preventable. We can save millions of lives by giving illiterate mothers medical knowledge," the company’s website says.

The device, dubbed MP3forLife Player, provides answers to 400 questions about health, nutrition, family planning, child care, and work safety. "It is expected that women will listen to audio recordings in small groups. This approach will unite them and provide an opportunity to discuss the material," comments Felicitas Heyne, a psychologist and founder of URIDU.

Information for the record was collected and translated for the residents of Tanzania with the assistance of 10 thousand volunteers from one hundred countries. Players will be issued to women in need through staff from various NGOs in Tanzania. At URIDU, women’s education is one of the key ways to fight poverty.

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