We are thrilled that Audiopedia was selected for the Digital-X catalog through an extensive selection process by UNDP. More than 30 UNDP experts worked on finding, matching, and connecting ready-to-scale digital solutions with the urgent needs of UNDP, UN partners, and governments. In the end, 100 solutions were selected from more than 4,000 entries.

Digital X is a Partnerships for Scale Programme by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) that helps innovative digital solutions scale globally. This initiative is designed to connect UNDP and Governments with proven, ready-to-scale solutions to meet urgent digital needs.

‘Proven’ in this context means that the digital solution is mature in its product development, has significant ‘results in the real world’, and has measurable and meaningful high-impact indicators linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. ‘Ready-to-scale’ refers to the facts that  the digital solution has to be safe to use by thousands of users and can be deployed in a new country with minimal adaptation or effort, if the conditions for scale are met (like genuine government buy-in and language needs met).

In addition to being proven and ready-to-scale as defined above, the selection committee will assess and evaluate the solutions against the criteria below:

  1. The digital solution solves a problem relevant to UNDP with an easy- to-understand solution and clear benefits.
  2. The solution meaningfully bridges the digital divide and deeply understands the needs of the user.
  3. The solution is innovative – it solves a problem in a unique way and/ or does so better than what exists.
  4. The digital solution has achieved a high-level of impact that is measured with indicators linked to an SDG.
  5. The digital solution is safe to use technically from a code, data privacy, and cyber security perspective.
  6. The team has strong experience and long-term ownership over the solution.

Projects selected in the Digital X Solutions Catalogue will have:

  • The potential to work with UNDP and governments in the 170 countries where UNDP operates.
  • The possibility to impact hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives.
  • Greater credibility to talk with governments, UNDP Country Offices, and impact investors.
  • Global exposure with UNDP partners.
  • Support in adapting the product to become Open Source, a Digital Public Good, or a white-labeled UNDP digital product, which can create new revenue models or new paths to scale.
  • Optional introductions to UNDP field experts and technical advisors as well as matching with mentors from the DIGITAL X Network (for more on this see below).
  • Invitation to matchmaking calls with UNDP Country Offices to develop proposals and apply for funding together, including up to $100,000 with Digital X funds.
Marcel Heyne


Executive Director Audiopedia Foundation