Audio Filling Station

Audio Filling Station

A simple device that can automatically update USB sticks and SD cards in rural areas with audible knowledge.

The Audio Filling Station was originally designed for updating solar audio players in the field, but can also be used for other digital storage media such as USB flash drives, SD/TF cards, etc. 

Digital storage media can be used efficiently to play back audible knowledge on a range of devices such as mobile phones, radios or special speakers. Normally, one would use a laptop to update the storage device. The Audio Filling Station offers a much simpler approach that can also be used by a person who is not familiar with the operation of a computer. 

The current setup consists of a small Raspberry Pi single board computer without any peripherals (no screen, no keyboard etc.). The storage medium is connected to the Raspberry Pi and the audio content is transferred automatically without any user interaction. 

An enhanced version of the Audio Filling Station offers the possibility to synchronise multiple devices with a central content store through peer-to-peer synchronisation. This makes it possible to build a network of "audio libraries" in rural areas that are automatically updated by a central computer.