Wikimedia supported the development of Audiopedia Wiki through their UNLOCK accelerator program.

The UNLOCK Accelerator is dedicated to supporting projects that contribute to making the world‘s knowledge more inclusive and accessible to all. The program supports impact-driven ideas and cutting-edge approaches in the field of Free Knowledge that can promote and scale as open-source products or projects under a free license.

Throughout a three-month program participating teams are guided through their journey with professional coachings and, if necessary, financial support. The program also connects the teams with other experts who share their knowledge on product development, design, team management and other fields. The approach is completely hands-on and needs-based looking into what the individual teams require and what they can accomplish in this short period of time.

The Audiopedia Wiki was developed by URIDU as part of the first cohort of the UNLOCK Accelerator in 2020.


The Audiopedia Wiki demo can be found at